Friday, September 15, 2006

Theatre workshop

Well, yet another nice experience after coming into IDC.

Donnow why but I was a bit confused to take a decision, whether to go for this workshop or not. Had a lot of assignments to complete and will have to miss Poo’s valuable lecture too… But Parth was so persuasive that he really helped me to take a decision to go upto Prithvi theatre to attend the workshop. The event was organized by the Prithvi theatre and was conducted by two UK based theatre artists.. well,.. I don’t think they’re just artists.. they’re the big guys who have started a movement in the UK by using theatre to question the ethics of bio-medical science. Mr.Jeff Teare and Mr. Simon Turley.

Ok.. back to the situation..

Hmm.. well as usual, things didn’t workout as the way we planned. We had to attend the Lecture in the morning.. and was a bit late for the workshop..

The venue of the WS was changed that we had to find it out first.

And yea, to top it up out auto got damaged on the way..

But once we reached the Bombay University Theatre department.. well.. Things were nothing but wonderful. There were a lot of IDCians joined together with the brilliant students from the Bombay University to participate.

We watched videos… had discussions.. Had theatrical exercises..

The excercises were fun, We axually acted a human body .. group of students doing different body parts.…

well.. I was workin on the lungs.. he hey.

It was fun to participate in those interesting activities like writing continuously for three minutes starting with the trigger word “I remember” and warming up our writing skills..

And then, creating a “Narrative question” which will have a Yes/No answer..
And later building a small Play of 10 sentences …
Oye, when Anshu and Shilpa acted their 10 line drama “will I stop telling lies” it was fun

And then discussions about various archetypes.. emotions and acting them .. walking them.. talking about heroes, idiots, Fools (he chose me for that part .. hee hee.), crookes..

Well, it became more and more complex exercises and at the end we all had to come up with a Narrative Question based on the newspaper cuttings and create a Drama on it. Wow man.. that was an awesome experience.. to interact with students from other college.. entirely different field of study.. it was awesome..

We wrote, discussed, rehearsed our own plays and acted them in front of everyone..

Well.. you should’ve been there if you really wanted to get that feeling..

Anyway.. that was good..

And as usual…

Thank GOD..

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