Monday, May 12, 2008

Murud Fort 2 Kashid Beach!

Not even a single trip of ours had gone according to the plans till now and this one was no different!

Project presentations were over and it was the right time to have some real fun. The basic plan was a one "day" trip to Murud-Janjira fort. As usual, the plan was finalized on saturday evening and we left around 6am Sunday morning.

a little bit of refreshment outside IIT maingate and we were off to Murud.

A great boat ride from Colaba to Mandwa and two 6-seaters to Murud. It really brought back memories of our last trip when we were passing through the road to Alibag.

The fort was visible even from a distance.. a view so magnificent.

What was waiting for us at the end of that 75km tiring journey was something amazing and really really scary! A Sail-Boat ride to the fort. Doesn't sound interesting?.. well. try it once.

Sitting just 1foot above the water level in a boat which had NO life buoys at all. And when it sways horribly when the sail catches the wind... oh my!! really scary, at least for people like me who didn't know how to swim.

And to get down (?) while the waves banging on the Fort-walls... I wonder why the hell there's not even a little care for people's lives! (by the way, getting in back to the boat was a bigtime challenge for some.. read on)

Even after reaching the fort we had to wait for "Dil Bari", the other group who left early and got lost in the wind and took double the time to reach the fort.

but it was real fun listening to the local guides explaining about the fort. They just kept on talking about the things in the fort but their explanations always ended like this ".... magar abhi tak kisiko bhi pata nahi ki ye kab banaya or kaise banaya" :) come on!.. then why the hell do we need guides??

We walked around inside the fort for some time... was that all that great? well.. it was. but nothing comparable to the fun we had at the beach later.

Now it's time for to wait for the return Sailboat!. oh my! it was high tide and the waves were banging on the fortress walls splashing water on all of them waiting for the boat.

Journey back to the quay was quick and smooth as we got the right wind.

Kahani mein twist!
Now comes the stuff against the plans! Somebody said "What if just stay back?"
well, that's it! most of were ready... Bang On!!! Those who were a bit hesitant about staying back also changed their minds on the way and voila! the BEST part of the story begins here!

A 6-seater ride again to Kashid beach, and the evening was a blast!.. see..

The most funniest part was when C2 got "Transmogrified" into a beautiful sexy mermaid!!!

The end product of an unexpected decision.. such a nice evening!

And luckily.. We got a nice good place to stay!

A two room hotel,.. that was right there vacant waiting for the IDC gang!

Got fresh and a fresh veg/nonveg dinner there itself we had another round to the beach.

Imagine lying down on a lonely moonlit beach at 2AM, looking up, watching so many beautiful shooting-stars, in a vast sky which is so brilliant with lot of stars and that white great patch of light we call milkyway! YES!! Milky-Way, something that most of us had just heard about.

but in the meantime, One team went on top of a nearby hill enjoying the view of the moonlit sea from above. It was fun to have mobile-light and camera flash contact to them from the beach :)

Well.. that's about the night. we stayed back there till around 2:30AM. This time it was so peaceful and no police encounters like last time! :) they just weren't there :)

Of course it was really hard for IDCians to wake up Soooo early in the morning at 6AM!

We had our journey back early in the morning saying byebye to Hotel PicNic Park

After a small refreshment at Kashid while waiting for the bus, One more long jouney back to Mandva and Ferry back to Mumbai!

Yet another great trip! and rare night out on a moonlit beach!
Thank god, nice that we felt like staying back that time. otherwise we would've missed something really really great!

But above all, thank god! we're still alive :) that Sail-Boat ride was too adventurous!