Thursday, November 23, 2006


Hmm.. it’s exam season in IIT. Everyone’s having exams. The canteens are alive 24/7…. The mess hall is always filled with groups of students preparing for the end semester examinations.

But yea, that’s the case in IIT. What about IDC?? Well, it’s a bit different…

Hmm.. to be specific; a lot different.

Since we’re in IIT, we have to have exams… Just a semester end presentation or semester end Jury won’t do. It’s the IIT norm. What to do!!

Well, so even we had exams… nice ones.

A quote from the question paper:

“Note: Class-notes, books, any relevant material is allowed in the exam room. Students are allowed to use computers during the exam.”

He hey.. how about that?

Well, it was fun to write these exams with music playing in the background,

Sipping a steaming cup of Tea, walkin around and crackin’ jokes..

Well, that’s it.

afterall, it's an IIT semester end exam... hmm..


And once again, thank god, for letting us for such nice experiences..

And it’s your grace that helped us to make it all the way up to IDC.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Happy Diwali.. belated ofcourse!!

Hey, it will be so mean if I blog about anything else whithout writing about the fun we had for Diwali here!

-More party pics will be added soon-

Since all these were happened a looooooooong time back and since my memory is so powerful, I’m not able to recollect everything.. but still..

First of all 'Hats off' to those who arranged for the party.. those ppl did a great job and made this event an experience.

The design circle was ready with music never before; rented speakers and amplifier really added to the atmosphere! But guys, it’s Diwali.. and how can we ever forget Diyas.. well.. we adjusted with candles anyway. .

But there’s no compromise for FireWorks, sparklers, ‘Anars’, rockets, ‘Pathakas’…

Explosive Diwlai!

But wait.. Moveover, it was our Se*y Shantanu's Birthday!!

…. And the music is on.. and IDCians are addicted to it.. dancing…

But this time, we had to cut it very early …

Very early at 2.00am since we had to attend the morning lecture at 8.30 am the very next day.


Bombing “Hira Nandani” !

Well, No one except a few of us got the luxury of being in Powali for diwali.

Most of them had moved to their hometowns.. and IDC was almost deserted!

It was the beautiful scenery of HN from Hostel 7 that invited us there.

Hiranandani, brightly lit with thousands of lights and the colorful fireworks reflected in the Powai lake.. most memorable image ever. Gotta capture it into a camera next year!

Whatever, it was a small group of four of us who decided to literally blast the event.

We went to HN, and meera had a lot of ‘bombs’ (that green threaded cracker!!) and we literally exploded the area..

You know why.. it was too late and almost all the fireworks had finished in that area. Ppls were just standing outside the apartments (if there were any….) .. complete “lukha” atmosphere. And “BANG”!! that was from our side!!



You know, it’s pretty difficult to keep this blog updated..

you know why… because this place ROX man.. everyday..

Tonight it was not in IDC or IIT where we rocked. But It was NITIE who organized this event.

I’m not writing much about it.. juz go thru the pics..

Even if you do that,.. you’ll never get the feel that we got.. never ever..

The heart thumping music..

The dazzling lights..

Dancing nonstop…

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Livin'it out!

Well, it had been a long time since I wrote something about what’s happening in IDC. I hope this is one of the most happening places, after all, as IITians we had some thing or the other in hand..... always.

Hmm… Since I took a loooong time to update ‘myself’ with what all things happened in the IDC life, I’ll do a quick review of what ever went through our life out here.

Manavli trek

Well, let me tell you this in the first place. “I missed this trip”. Because of some “academic” difficulties some of us couldn’t make it. But anyway, heard that the trip was awesome and thought I’ll share some of the pics. And yeah, you can expect a blog about this particular trip soon.. some body who was lucky enough to be there at that particular day will write about it. ..juz wait…

You see, This is ma favorite climate.. the cloudy atmosphere when the sky really comes down to give you more intimate feelings. Diffused light all over and orange sunrays falling over you from the side.. it must’ve been the best atmosphere ever

And yeah, what can be better than seeing a ‘double’ rainbow!, that too reflected in a lake to give you that magnificent view of the colored circle. See I can feel it from here. And yea now I feel sad that I missed something really great.


Well, Usually I don’t write the “academic” stuff here. But still this is not just academic, this is all about meeting new people and sharing thoughts. There was a three day workshop in IDC (because of which I missed the “Manavli trek” L) in various domains. I chose Interaction design (don’t worry about that.. I’m NOT talking about ‘acads’) There were around 10 students from NID, (National Institute of design,Ahmedabad) and it was a nice experience to be in that workshop, sharing thoughts, working together and thinking about it deeply. I don’t call it awesome or wonderful. But it was something really important in itself I believe.


Well, again it’s time to enjoy!!

It was InSync’s (IIT’s Dance club) birthday celebrations and they had arranged a “Rock n Roll” couple dance workshop. It was raining lightly and the atmosphere was cloudy. The workshop started at around 9pm and a group of 6 IDCians were there to Rock n Roll! Well, yea I wonder why at this particular day it became very less in number, since usually we have a big flock of IDCians to enjoy. Last time when we had the “tango” workshop, things were different.

But all that I wanted to say now is that, those who couldn’t make it to the Open air theater.. for this particular event; really missed it!

The Insync guys n gals who were teaching us were doing a wonderful job. Axually they might’ve enjoyed it to teach such an ‘enthu’ group from IDC. Hee hee.

It was uplifting to dance to the fast Rock n Roll music. Sorry, I don’t think I can express the same spirit in words here.

-the rain dance:

We stopped the practice sessions at around 11.45pm and the birthday bash was about to start. Donnow how but Exactly at midnight when wer were about to start the Birthday dance, it rained!!

It rained so heavily that I’d never experienced such a heavy rain here in IIT. It seemed like a hidden contract between the Insync guys and the mother nature that it should rain exactly at midnight!! Everybody ran into the rain and wow! That was an wmazing experience ever!!

The music was pumping and the strobe lights were in action. The water droplets freezed in time with the strobe lights, looked like diamonds falling from the heavens! I’m not joking it was such a wonderful experience that I cannot express here thru words. Again, sitting in the OAT gallery when water was flowing like river thrugh the seats and watching the Special Performance by the Insync dance team was nothing but marvelous.

>>Might upload pics.. wait…<<

One more trek

It’s within the IIT campus and doesn’t require any preplans. The only that we have to have is time. Well, on that particular day, we were lucky enough to make some time to go all the way up and enjoy it together!

Although most of us had been there before on top of that hill, this particular day was different since this was a Huge group of most of the IDCians from our batch.

And yea another thing will be when we returned, it was too late to climb down and it was almost dark. But yea, as you can guess, it was a different experience afterall..

Ok.. now, let me remind myself .. About GOD, the almighty..

Who gives us all this fortune

of having opportunities.. and joys out of it..

Thank god!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

freedom of the sea !

Well, I donnow how many times I’m gonna write “yet another amazing day in IDC life..”

But one thing I’m sure about this one; this day was marvelous !

Well, the trip was really organized by IDC to visit some of the most important art galleries of India in Mumbai. Like Jahangir art gallery, Max Miller bhavan etc.

The IIT bus was waiting for us at 4.30 when we – almost everyone from juniors and some from seniors- walking towards it happily, thinking over what sir had said; ki,” whoever wants to stay back at town after the visit can do that.”

As expected the fun part in the bus started with an anthaakshari. But see, this was really interesting to listen to when all of them, from different parts of India started singing Hindi songs in their own special accent. And see, it was fun when Hashim sung that rhythmic Mallu song and its word by word translation

Hmm.. the visit to the galleries were nice, It seemed every body had some kind of respect towards the art. But some of them (like me) were also thinking about those LUCKY guys who were able to sell their artistic products for such a huge amounts of 2,40,000 bucks.

Some of the exhibited painting were really interesting since those were blank canvases filled with a grayish tinted texture and nothing else.. And we couldn’t resist laughing when somebody cracked a joke:

“Oye, ye sub ‘putty’ maarke rakhaa hei.. woh banda kal aakar color karenge”

Well, a nice walk from the gallery to the Gateway of India – wow that monument really added to our spirit.

It was Parasar and team’s extreme motivations that made it possible. A boat ride throught he turbulent sea on a hide tide night!

OoooH.. the boat ride was much more fun than expected. At least the view of Mumbai from the sea was awesome and it looked like a diamond necklace with the Taj hotels being the pendant… But we were helpless to capture those moments with a camera in that wobbly boat. It was really exciting to be at the front tip of the boat, blocking the Driver’s view in that turbulant sea at the tides. The boat was really jumping up and down splashing water everywhere.. we really enjoyed it until the boat-man came and told us to leave the place, since it was too dangerous to stand there.

Well, once we were out of the boat, everyone gathered in front of the Gateway again for a photo session. We clicked as many photos as we could in different poses, shouting and laughing, jumping and running.. Well, I hope those public who were there at the gates enjoyed the show!..

And again one more walk to the Bade Miyan, to have those Non-Veggies!! Well.. some of them went to some veggie “restaurant” when some of the “so called” veggies decided to go ahead with the chicken stuff. And yeah, we enjoyed being there together more when compared to the chicken legs.

Ok, the food is over, now we need some desserts. Well, what about some “desi” stuff? We tried some sweet “paan” right from the kiosk. Hey, even a chocolate fudge or Hungarian sundae cannot replace this experience of having the sweet green stuff, that too in the middle of the Mumbai city!

Well, the food part is over, next pit stop: “ the chowpati beach” either a taxi, or if get lucky the bus #143. Ha ha.. we were lucky enough to get the right bus right in time. What to say, yet another public performance by IDCians for the fellow passengers of Mumbai.

Never knew it was so far from “chowpati” when some of us got down at the marine drive to have a walk till the beach. But we never had to regret. It was so nice to walk through the beach front, beside the splashing waves enjoying the sea breeze. The “diamond necklace” of Mumbai – the glowing city lights along the curved marine drive was lovely.

Within no time, we reached the beach. And it was interesting to see the “hotel walas” roaming around the beach with mats in which we can sit anywhere in the beach when they serve the food.

Oye, it’s a beach and we went there to have fun, what else can we do? Some of them started it with some sand games while others went right into the sea. Screaming, shouting and pushing each other everynody struggled hard to post for the photographs while the waves tried to pull their legs.

The jumping session must’ve been the best part. Expressing all our enthu in one go.

Well, every good meal should have a dessert at the end, isn’t it? And the best thing that we can and what we should have in a beach in Mumbai must be a kulfi. It was kind of a festival feel when we enjoyed the Kulfi faluda in front of the colorful shack carrying balloons and stuff. Oye, not to forget that BIG ice sticks dipped in colored flavors was nothing but delicious.. was it so? But anyway it was FUN to have it.

Ok, it’s 12.00AM - Midnight already and we’re still hangin’ around at the beach!!!

We had to catch a ‘local’ back to Kanjurmarg from VT. had to hire a couple of cabs to get there in time.. Somebody bought tickets and somebody didn’t (by mistake..) bt nobody did forget to check their “fortune” along with their weight..

And at the end got into the train, one whole side car reserved for IDCians except for that banda who sat alone, right in the middle of the IDC crowd! Fool!

::pics coming soon::

We were so tired that once the train started moving we went to sleep… ahem.. ok ok.. I went to sleep. Obviously it didn’t take much time to reach kanjurmarg. Didn’t waste much time, hired three autos and back to IDC.

We were stopped by the security guards at the IIT maingate.. and they asked us to register ourselves in the register in the book. And we entered:

"Biju Neyyan #06625007 Time: 1.20 am"

It was raining outside when I went to sleep with a prayer.. "thank god! this day was marvelous"