Tuesday, August 21, 2007

maLwali is Heaven!!

One more trip to one of the most beautiful places in India. Lonavla!

(well, if you have any objections…. “beauty is subjective.. atleast for the sake of it)

That was a really tight time schedule for the morning. Everyone got up just minutes before the train.. Local train from Kanjur to Thane and our plan was to catch the 7 o clock train to Lonavla!.. alas! Just like any other IDC plan this one too got delayed. We waited for everyone to turn up and we got into the Dekkan Express at 8.00.

We were bloody tired and sleepy since we got up soooooo early at 6 o clock for this trip… :P Again a tiresome journey.. with no place to sit and relax.

It was around 9 when we reached lonavla and our guide Prof.Pushkar Ingale ;P was there ready!
Hmm.. Aug15th. National Holiday! And we never wanted to get into that big crowd in Lonvla. So we took a local train to “maLwali” the same place where we had gone in the first semester. (not me though)

It was really raining when we reached there.. and heavy winds.

We headed towards the peak, where that fort is, covered with green moss and floating in the clouds… but it’s too far and too high up in the mountains.

Stopped somewhere inbetween at the shack to have a steaming cup of tea!. That was awesome.

The tip of the mountain was somewhat visibe from the shack itself although moving clouds merged those big giant mo9untains into the skies!

We climed and climbed again… and again.. and again…

Somewhere inbetween, we reached.. a meadow!.. wide open green grass land.
awesome view of the mountains and the waterfalls!!

And we climbed again... and again....

and again....

And at last... the destination... the Lohgad fort!

We climbed again... and again to the tip...

But at the end... ... it was heaven!!
I really mean it.. it was heaven!... surrounded my misty clouds.. completely white all over!!.. no sense of depth or no sense of distance.. Anything which was closer was partly visible and everything else, WHITE!

.... .... ...

And on our way back!...


Whoa!.. that was the best part!


It’s all wet.. and shivering cold!! And to add to the majza,.. a nice.. cool wind!.. hu hu hoo …. We just missed the last local to Lonavla! Now waiting at the railway station at 8pm, for the next local after one hour and an express from Lonavla..


Hmm.. great it was.. just like any other trip from IDC..
And yea.. It’s was a DIFFERENT experience… just like any other trip from IDC!


Sunday, August 19, 2007


And here comes the Farewell party!

Sad in some sense.. our fundoo seniors are saying G’bye!!!

So what !!! They made this event ROCKING!!!

Yet again, let the pics speak better!!

to be sincere to the IDC heritage, this one also started with an "Intro session" ;P session of the Juniors!.. he he

And then.. our heartfelt bye bye.. with gifts made with our hearts.. !

Chaaru, recieving the medal of honour; the Bull Extraction!

Sarbu with the "Blue" CD :) {hey, is he from pondicherry?}

Rupesh, the Bamboo man!

Makkad man Nikhil: "F***k, who's the new PG secy?"

Under 28kg Champion Eddie! with that HEAVY dumbbell!

Uttu, .. listen carefully.. dondeesturb!

Fatee... the Shakira of IDC!.. whoo hoo!

Sweta the one and only CS-WOMAN!!

Anand with that Hitch-cock ;) cassette!

Sachin will take a bath today (hopefully!)

Takloo Harsh ... .. hee hee.. go ahead and comb your hair!

Dipu, "Hashwuim" is all yours!!

God giri Hemant in an H12 mood, after effeccts of CS!!

mmmhhhhmm...!!. Punam Paramam Dhyeyam!

Siames eBarkha n Prarthna! we really tried hard to separate .. alas!..

Atul, Hindi me Pee and English me pee!!.. hogaya kaam!

And.. at the end.. Ratika, the coordinator is presented with the gem of her luv.. Keeku!! :P he he!


Ya ya.. things were going pretty well....
Manish's Birthday... Bums to Shaid! ( he he!)

goes on and on.....

and yea
Of course.. now it's Paaarty time!!

Whoo hooo!..

Freshie freshie!

Well.. aggain, as usual here comes another late entry to this blog!

We’ve got juniors! and they juz ROX!!

Okais, before getting into this rocking stuff… ; just like any other school even we had enough ragging sessions! (oops!! Read it as, intro sessions ok!)

Well, the first one was arranged in the Junior VC class room. Whoa! What a nice intro session! It was bloody hard to keep our laughter inside and pretend to be serious and show that bloody attitude which sometimes turned out to be over acting .. he he :D

Whatever.. the ‘session’ was real fun when we called all the “confident” guys and gals forward and made then prove that they’re nothing but a bunch of “bakras” (well, ofcourse there were some real good confident people who eventually got a nice corner to sit )

Things were pretty cool;….

People in the Box, Fashion show, ya ya talks, aatangwadi’s amazing speech, the ever fav “mmhmm.. aha”!! J what not!

Then one more session… this time out of bare necessity since the freshers party got delayed by one week, we had to keep that attitude going.. had no other choice to call one more “intro session”..

And at the end, here comes the real fun part the Fresher’s Party!

We gave 'em a real good invitation to the party!..
Tokens; their own name laser etched and cut into acrylic sheets. But don't thing collecting them from the muddy designcircle when water balloons were raining from the top.. he he!

I know.. pictures speak better than words.. here they are..!

Hemant's Segzy pole dance

Our Salma!!.. idharbhi Salma .. udhar bhi salma! :)

Mata Manishananda!!

Ha ha ha!.. our Desi-Superman!

Mallu Rox!.. Lajjavathiye!

Kari potter!

Ujju n Mili's "intimate" moments! ;P

Divya's rocking impromptu!

And the party Begins!!!....

Welcome to IDC!

Lez Luv n liv!