Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ganpati Bappa Moriya!!

Donnow why but good things just happen..

It was absolutely an unplanned move to go upto the powai lake for the ‘Visarjan’ until Neha told me about this when I stepped into IDC.. Well.. I had no plans at all to go for the ‘visarjans’ today although the sounds of the ‘barat’ (Hope I’m right) was right there in our ears.. But I just couln’t resist.. Decisions made in split seconds.. a bit of confusions .. phone calls.. but at the end.. me and Neha joined the team of six .. Manoj, Hashim, Varun, Sunil, Pushkar and Deepa!

Oye, it was fun.. nothing but fun! The ‘nakli gada and talwar’ sparkling ‘topi’s and oye oye.. ROARRRING whistles … ho ho ho.. it was fun!

Roaming around… whistling to the rhythm of the ‘barats’ .. dancing with the ‘locals’ to their ultimate drum beats.. wow!. .

Hmm.. but the guy who threw those “rangoli’ colors over us had ultimate aim and timing.. Well.. I call it an art.. the art of throwing those irritating powder right into the mouth and eyes of the victims.. chock chock!! But again.. it’s the fun part.. isnt’ it??

And ofcourse our hostel messes were closed due to this ‘visarjan’ stuff and we were really hungry.. walkin upto the ‘Hira Nandani’ township and a nice dinner from there was nothing but gr8.

Walking back to IIT thru the colorful concrete landscapes of the Hiranandani was really enjoyable..

Listening to the latest trends of Ganapati.. people dancing to the rhythms of latest DJ mixes.. “himesh” songs.. worshipping ganpati.. well.. that was.. ha ha funny!!

And wow.. a walk thru the misty IIT campus was a whole lot of opportunities to have some ‘golden’ moments. !!

Again.. thank GOD!

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