Monday, October 27, 2008

Fully Faaltoo...

Hi Junta...Much has been written about picnics and events.. Its not just during picnics n events that we IDCians have fun....Each day is different..I've tried to make some sense of the pictures I've taken over the past 2-3 months by putting it together.. this is the best title I could think of.. read it at your own risk..if you feel offended, tortured or suicidal after reading this please don't hold me responsible!

P.S. You'll find mostly pd junta in this one.. so others.. pl don't get pissed off or think I'm biased.. Happy reading... :)

Our day usually starts with lectures... This is kind of how our day progresses...

This module had an assignment where we had to make some compositions... We came up with some interesting ones..

This one is for Happiness..Doesn't Happy Singh look cool? ;)

And this one is for lonely... Mr. lonely.. he he...

Thats nature king and his Hand of God explaining the compositions :)

Anybody interested?

Usually we also get some feedbacks.. Watch how PK reacts..

In the mean while our junta take positions...That's Pinku..

Come on bachhalog... lecture over.. wake up.. time for chai...

Descafe...This is our favorite adda... Nothing as refreshing as chai and biskut.. ah!

Once the profs leave the class its time to chill out.. eee haw...

Watch Hari doing user study on Amalu for his Dream Analyzer product.. ;) We know what u thinking machha... he he..

Lakeside is a wonderful place to be at anytime of the day... we become so happy when we are here..

Tiffin time... everyone's a foodie here... We either hangout in the mess or some joints outside the campus for snacks..

We are not the only ones who have fun...:)

Midnight is usually the time to have cakes and kick some a**... Whenever it's a guys b'day I'm sure he wishes that he were never born!!

Story time...
We have our very own desi-superhero in IDC : The Valderman.... Nautanki VJ is under attack from the class baddie... Watch V-man swing into action..

These are our new friends in IDC...dikhte to bahut innocent hai par badmash har jagah potty kar dete hai...Beware of the cake.. I cut one.. :(
Their eyes always have the look which says.. Hamara baap kaun hai...

Bachhoo.. ye hai tumhara baap.. operation se pehle.. huh? Bechara couldn't survive the operation... ( Somebody's gonna 'Su'e me for this!)

No worries... They have a godfather.. n a godmother... :)

And lots of mamus... tension hi nai... :D

Studios are fun too.. Check out the eye popping moments.. :)

That's our nomination from clay studio for MoMa...Hope our prayers for the prize are answered... :P

Thats the lead character for our next animation movie 'Maakad'.. Ain't she cute?...;)
Life is full of surprises.. Watch Vinny giving a surprise to our yaar.. he he..

They say all good things come to an end.. It seemed true here... Look what became of our junta when load of the assignments became too much... Vinny started sleepwalking, Valderman lost his mind, Nature king had to work in awkward postions..:)

This was the result of skipping lunches...:P

Some of them went beyond recognition!

This just won't do! We understood the root of all our problems... Our pyaara CR Sanku... kuch kaam ka nai.. mmph..So this was our collective Final Solution...

There was still some life left in him when we packed him off the terrace... :)

This is where we buried him..secret ha.. kisiko bataana nai... he he..

Oops.. Next day we realize that the class keys were with him... No worries.. Lecture off... teng tedeng..yeee..!!

Things are back to normal now... happy and GAY.... (not sure if this gif file works let know)

As for sanku.. his ghost still lurks in the corridors and classrooms of IDC.. hee haa haa...

Chalo bhai... aaj ke liye itna hi kafi hai... time to sleep... zzzz....

Abe circuit...chal light off kar...

Hmm.. Thats better...

Congratulations if you have reached till here.. :P No prizes though...signing off for now... :)