Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

One of the best nights ever in IDC… it was different!

We had planned. Planned a lot. The first idea was to celebrate this year’s New year eve at Diveyager beach, around 200 kms from Mumbai. To book hotels there and spend one whole night there at the beach making the most out of this new years eve!

But as usual, things just didn’t work out as we planned. The two day beach trip was cancelled eventually and we started our unplanned stuff with a movie at PVR cinemas at Nirmal Life style

At around 7.30 we were sitting in front of H-11 thinking hard about what to do for tonight… nothing worked out… campfire at pumphouse near the lake, the same stuff at the hill top… or at the vihar lake.. options were many but nothing seemed to be working..

well.. time went by and nothing came out, so we moved to the basketball court to see what we can do and the real new year party started.

We started with some crude form of a sport called football which later turned into an utter chaos. AJ came with his Basket ball, varun and rishi was there on the guitars, almost everyone trying to balance on the sk8board and that time was just awesome.

Ofcourse… it was time to eat and we thought we’ll have it at the “paktoon” and it will be great. We got into autos and reached paktoon just to realize the sad truth that it was full and nothing can be done. The next option was Hiranandani.

We made them arrange the seats in kareem’s for all of us to sit together and ditched them nicely.

Everybody was sitting there ready to order, but some strange feeling made everyone to take a quick decision to quit the place and go back to IDC. We didn’t hesitate. We jumped off from the seats and walked out while the hotel guys were lookin at us weirdly.

Well.. it was around 11.45 and we were still waiting at SP for the parcel we ordered. Oh my! Time was running out… Whew! The parcel is ready now and only 5 minutes left. Hopped into an auto and flew to IDC. And we were just in time.

The camera was ready in self portrait mode. And the count down began…

Three… two… one…


“Happy New year!!”

Whoo hoo..!.. it was one of the happiest moments ever when everyone hugged each other and wished a happy newyear.!

Well.. by the way, it was not that sweet when they gave me the pending Birthday bumps.

But sure it was funny enough when Anshuman got bumps on Ruchi’s behalf.. ho ho ho!!

Then we moved on to the terrace and whoa!.. the fun began!

We made a campfire, sat together around it and had food that we just brought form SP!

Now nothing much to write... I hope the pics are self explanatory!!!

Wow.. that was an amazing night!

Things came out much much better than we ever thought it will be..

it can never be this enjoyable if we did something else instead of this terrace campfire..

nothing else would’ve been better.. nothing..

thank god for such a wonderful start for such a wonderful new year!!