Tuesday, June 05, 2007

THE END was just great!

Anything and everything that end well are worth remembering I think. Because that's what just happened to us with the Ghorai Beach trip!

It was all planned the night before when Sachin invited us to his home near Mallad. Although it was planned to get up "early" in the morning and start fom IIT at 10am. but as usual, nothing happened and we started at noon.

It was such a nice welcome and great sea food at Sachin's place that everybody started sleeping there itself, instead of going ahead with our furhter plans like the beach trip.

Things were getting a bit bored since nothing 'special' was happening... we had a boat trip through the creek to the so called Gorai Beach and the moment we stepped into the beach...

Arrghh... !! the beach was so dirty with black sand and there were no dry sand to stand. But anyway.. we managed to sit somewhere for a while and it happened....

Whoo.. hooo.. the RAIN!!!
the beach transformed allover.. getting wet and jumping into the beach was nothing but pure fun... by the way, thanx to Halderan's Windshitter that kept our cameras dry otherwise you wouldn't have been able to see these pics that I'm posting below.

Now see n' believe!!

Thank god... for yet another wonderful experience!!..