Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Swarna - The Golden DDS 2009

D-day has arrived, IDC is decked up like a bride – The Design Circle is renovated, the smell of fresh paint wafts through in the whole atmospherebut yet the corridors seem so empty. Isn’t there anyone responsible who’d take charge and run the show?

Enter the DDS Co-ordinator

A man with a mission – A mission to make sure that Swarna – DDS 2009 is a rocking success. And wasn’t it what followed. 48 hours of hard work, appreciation, and exultation and of course the odd goose bumps here and there.

The stage is set and the royal chariot has arrived , to ferry the designer, to catapult them into the foray of fame. ..A day which every IDCian dreams of – the Design Degree Show at the Nehru Centre in Worli.

The designers make their way into the chariot, all decked up in the DDS kurtas. The journey to Nehru Centre is a relatively quiet one, no Altaf Rajas or Kumar Sanus erupt out (singing) on the way, with each one also probably tired and exhausted from the last night’s hard work in setting up the show.

Enter Nehru Centre, and we are greeted by the massive flower rangoli ... the stage is set to kickoff the much awaited event of the week. Rangoli in place? Check .. Swarna branding in place? Check.

The rangoli, the logo, the identity and the whole atmosphere reflects the magic of the word - Swarna !!! and we all hope for the Midas touch to the event...all created and extended by the 47 pair of hands.

All are nervous and anxiously await the inauguration of the event by
Mr. Pradyummna Vyas, the now Head of NID and an IDC alumni.

Not a long wait, and here he comes (with all his bodyguards from IDC itself), leaving all other issues at bay (You know what am talking about) and the exhibitions is given the green signal to DDS Swarna 2009. Yaaay, the ball has been set rolling

The traditional “diya jalao – kaichi uthao – ribbon kato” ceremony is conducted amongst all IDCians cheering and clapping. What a decent display of emotions, gosh, not expected from IDCians :P.

And yes, and the year book is also released.

A series of “two words” (Do Shabd , as they say in our national language) follows. Thankfully, nobody dozes off in traditional IDC tradition. All listen with rapt attention.

The gun goes off .. and all visitors throng the exhibition room. The media attention and lotsa publicity by IDC and IDCians alike see Nehru Centre throng with people – both with as well without design knowledge/awareness.

The professors also drop in, .. some ask curious and excited, while some one look and pass on to the next panel. Questions are asked – P3 defence extended :P?

“OMG, I don’t know the answer to this one”, exclaims Juny. :P

More visitors crowded the place. All short films and movies were appreciated by everyone. Palash’s Adrenaline movie won some more claps and cheers than other, *Pat on the back* . The sale of DDS stationery, DVDs and T-shirts was like hot cakes .. with the juniors doing a good job behind the counter.

Some of the project on display - there were myriad display of colours and forms all around the exhibition room.

All we can say is that the newly crowned HoD was a happy man, along with other students and IDCians.

Day 1 ends.

Day 2 bought along much crowd and more energy amongst the Swarnaites ;) .. A lazy laid back Sunday bought in more and more people to enjoy the exhibitions as well as the cheerful and happyshow by IDCians all around. The bowl holding the visiting cards of influential people was seeing constant activity. Spiritied Swarnaites posed and clicked and cheered and smiled. Rest

“Pictures will speak a thousand words”

The Swarna panel was the voted the most favourite place to pose against. We have statistical as well as visual data to prove it. :P

Ecstatic over the panel ??? I told you, it was the favourite place to pose

The short, shorter, shortest of it ? or the tall, taller, tallest ? It all depends on your perspective.

Some Gestalts was also practised out there, needless to say.

Law of (Extreme) closure !!! :P

Law of Proximity and Chunking - Which is a stronger group over here?

Ahh, IDC has always encouraged entrepreneurship amongst its students. Mug, TShirt and Swarna bag for sale !!! Dipesh sells mugs for a change.

Who owns IDC?
No one, but the IDC family alongwith everyone associated with IDC nurtures and grows this family called as IDC .. Yaaay IDC roxxxxx !!! and so does the following picture.

More posing follows

Palash catches fourty winks in between the pictures.

Some last minute bonding sessions go on, IDCians prefer to rest their tired feet.

as well as tired souls :)

But few are unstoppable....

...and there are zillions of pictures clicked all over the exhibition space of Nehru Centre.

The media goes haywire and there are many interviews conducted, pictures clicked - and each and every IDCian gets his or her share of limelight.

Some 'panel' discussions follow...

In the end, it is time to leave and the tidying up is carried out in double quick time than one could imagine. The place is emptied, DDS 2009 - Swarna is wrapped up, but our hearts are filled with pride, love and a feeling that just can't be put in words.

IDC rocks !!! :)
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