Monday, March 05, 2007

Holy Holi!

Well, haven’t blogged about the ‘IDC life’ since the new year party although a lot of interesting and amazing things happned (as usual). But guys, this is high time… I have no other option but to blog about our Holi Celebrations at IDC!!

Everything was done according to the well defined IDC culture…

The fun started with the Water bath in IDC. Foyer, first floor.. Exhibition hall.. everwhere !!!

Literally splashed the whole of IDC with buckets full of water… sheer fun.

The whole of IDC foyer was almost transformed into shallow pool.. Thanx to the skilled workers who constructed it properly !!! ;)

And ofcourse.. damn slippery too… but ho ho ho

It was fun

It’s a democratic culture in IDC… no one’s spared!. Everyone got their chances to be “handled” by everyone else… and most of them ended up in the aluminum tub at the end….

the heights of masti!


And then came the Campfire! When someone made the worst move ever to pour Petrol over a burning heap.

Ka Boom!!!

But anyway.. that too was fun. And yea … extrermely usefull too… we needed to dry our clothes badly… coz we were literally shivering…


Next day..

And yea! Ofcourse it’s the day of the Naturopathy treatments.. another unwritten rituals of IDC! The mudbath! As usual, the lawn infront of IDC was plowed by some extremely enthu IDCians so that everyone else could juz jump in and play.!

the above image is from last year
since everyone was there in mud and couldn't click one! ;)

and here goes the fresh ones:

Everyone was literally raped!...

And then… the ritual continues…
... The visit to profs

We visited almost all the profs who were staying inside the IIT campus.

GG Ray,


AG Rao,




And a grand finale at our HOD’s place…


Bohot mazaa aayaa!!

Whooo hooo.. IDC ROX!