Friday, September 15, 2006

Party - in the name of Birthday!!!

Well, this one is axually a late entry..

The party was on 9th September

Well.. it had been a loooong time since we had a party.. can’t you imagine.. it’s more than a month. Ha ha.

Hmm the party was thrown as the combined Birthday celebrations for Shaunak, Ratika, Parasar and Roli.

Happy Birthday once again..

It was a really different experience all together since the party was conducted in the design circle, Instead of the usual “Audi” party. Hmm.. ok it’s better to say the party was ‘started in the ‘design circle’ but eventually shifted …

Hmm.. we ‘Rock’ed !!.. Well, was that too much of ROCK.. rock and rock??

Well.. next time.. hope we’ll have some more dance numbers..

Oye Dijjey!!... We need Dance numbers!!!

Dancing till 03:30 and then as usual.. a long walk upto H13 to have cold coffee and Chocolate Pastry.. hmm.. must’ve been fun isn’t it??

Anyway.. we loved the pastry part atleast!

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