Sunday, September 03, 2006

Shantanu XPlains... our IITB Trek!

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thanX shanjog..

It was just the 3rd day of our PostGraduate Course in Design at IDC, IIT Bombay. Our new batch ('freshies' in IIT-speak) at IDC had just begun with an orientation programme 2 days ago. On the cloudy afternoon of July 23, six of us bumped into each other in front of Hostel 8, and we arrived at an impromptu and unanimous decision to go for a trek up a hill called 'Sameer Hill', situated in the 500-plus acre IIT campus itself. Once you're exactly on top of the hill, you actually reach the IIT boundary, marked by a fence. Thus, the six of us - Parth, Biju, Anshuman, Deepti, Ruchi and me finally reached up what's known as Sameer Hill. The girls had a kinda hard time hiking up though! :-D

We were greeted by an awesome, no, AWESOME view of lots of parts of Mumbai and beyond. Right below us was the IIT campus, in all its Lush Green Glory, along with lots and lots of more hills scattered around Powai. From the point at which we were standing, Powai lake was visible directly ahead while Vihar Lake, a much larger lake loomed into view at the right. Of course, being in Mumbai, we were also treated to the customary view of all kinds of human inhabitation.

And of course, we totally freaked out for an hour up there, enjoying the view and going crazy in general. We had to hurry down though, when we saw some approaching rainclouds! And so, we wrapped up the trek with steaming cups of tea at the shack opposite Hostel 1!

Hope to get a chance to go up there again and again and again, before more so-called 'development' ruins the view! Here are the pics, courtesy Parth and Biju. Thanks a lot, buddies! Click on these Pics for larger Images.

While climbing up. Directly ahead is Powai Lake.

Trekmates! From left: Parth, Ruchi, Deepti, me and Anshuman. Pic snapped by Biju.

Admiring the view! Ahead at the left is Hiranandani Gardens, with Powai lake at the right.

Caught by suprise? Check out Parth's expression(3rd from left)!

Vihar lake. Simply amazing! And just look at the Greenery and the Weather!

For the customary pose! From left, Anshuman, Biju, me (behind Biju), Ruchi and Deepti (behind Ruchi).

An attempt by Anshuman to scare the wits out of Parth. But look who's more scared!

Parth in a more peaceful moment.

Chilled out! From left: Parth, Anshuman, me, Ruchi and Deepti.

The fence at the right is actually the IIT boundary.

Biju in (what looks like) contemplation!

Up there finally! That's me on the Extreme Right!

Here's Parth in one of those Crazier moments!

Stages of Human Evolution? Snapped while coming down.

That's all Folks!!! Hope to have even more Fun the next time we go up there!


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Thanx a lot Bro! Let's keep our blogs updated!

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How much time it takes to walk up to the top of the Sameer hills?