Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Onam @ IDC (well,.. this day was awesome!)

IDC and the Onam Celebrations.

Oye,.. today must be the most unforgettable day ever in IDC !!

Well.. it’s not just one event.. but the whole day.. it was fun!

It was Onam today! Had to get up early in the morning to go to Dadar and to buy flowers.. HaH for the “pookkalam”. Everyone and especially the non-mallus were so enthusiastic about this “pookkalam” stuff that everyone joined together and arranged this beautiful thing in the IDC lobby.! Axually it was this enthusiasm of those non mallus which made this function the most memorable in IDC life.


It was fun to see all the girls wearing “mullappoomaala” .. okies.. “gajra..”, and everyone with “Chandanakkuri” on their forehead and all the mallu guys in the traditional “mundu”

It was a great experience to enjoy the mallu delicacy “Paayasam” with all the staff members including our Head, Prof. Ravi Poovaiah! And the photo sessions during and after the Paayasam sessions…

And guess what.. it was teachers day too !!! cool eh??

Well we had teachers day celebrations too in the afternoon.. and the cake was ultimate.. (well .. everybody said so.. coz I was a bit late ..)

And it was really fun to watch teachers’ TT sessions .

Ha ha.. students always win.. isn't it?? eh eh!!

And yet the fun was not over..

To make the day much more memorable .. we went for a movie! “Lage Raho Munnabhai!” and oye.. a good movie for these kinda occasions.. sahi!! Everybody happy at the end.. abey!!. The girls were screeming when they found Abhishek .. out of the blue.. in Munnabhai! (Hee Hee suspense khatam!!)

Oye.. still the fun’s not over..to top it up,.. a nice dinner (?) at H7,
And a long walk back to IDC at 23:45

And me now writing all these sitting inside the media lab..

Thank god.. this day was awesome!!

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