Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy holi hai bhai...

To be late is an age old tradition in IDC and respecting it, this blog comes almost 10 days after the wonderful Holi celebrations we had.

Now coming to the point, Holi celebrations started a day in advance.

On 18th evening two people- out of boredom- decides to play holi 1 day prior to the festival.

19th early morning – 1st hunt – PUSHKAR – who closed his door seeing us with colors, was so generous that he let his window remain open. So hemi with long hands (kanoon ke haath jo lambe hote hai) opened the door and….. Splash. Thus began the hunt, where every hunted turned into a hunter.

So full of colors we reached idc. Since our parents had taught us that playing holi with colors is really bad for health, we opted for a better option - desh ki mitti (mud of India)

Day 1 went awesome.

Now it was time to make the holi day as awesome as the pre holi celebrations.

So again we went on the same road, pulling people out their rooms and “holifying” them, to idc and remembering our parents’ advice, stuck to the natural brown color.

After playing holi at idc we started our journey to profs places.

On our way we met two baba's ..

Fakeer Baba

Desi Baba ;)

And we met one of the Power Puff Girl

saw a super duper manga style action by our very own animators..

We stuffed ourselves with gulab jamun, jalebi, dhokla, namkeens, dry fruits and finally a refreshing tang.

courtesy -

Ray Sir

Munshi Sir

Mohanty Sir

Shilpa Mam

Chakku Sir

Shreeku Sir

Though we were few in number, but the enthu was ekdum IDC like ... ROCKING (as usual)....

I D C eeeee.... I D C eeeee...... I D C eeeee...... I D C eeeee