Sunday, August 30, 2009

Crajee IDJee..

Hello ppl..

Many of u have been behind me for this post, especially Biju ;) there u go.. :)

I started to write out the entire events related to freshers party in one post but the invitation for the party was a big event in itself.. so a special post for the same :)

Disclaimer: All the crazy characters mentioned in this blog are real, and any resemblance to you is purely intentional :P

As the tradition goes, we planned to throw the name tags into the design circle for the party entry.. but we had a problem at hand.. :(
For those who haven't had a look at the new circle, here you go...

No doubt it looks world class, but.. how to do it now..Nothing's more fun than playing in mud :)

We brainstormed and debated a lot over this.. there were all kinds of problems.. what if somebody fell on the floor.. how do we stop water from flowing out of the circle.. we went to the extent of scrapping the whole thing.. luckily sense prevailed and we overcame the obstacles :P
Added to this, our new HOD (Head of the Departed :P) doesn't share our taste when it comes to fun.. which meant that we would have to carry out the entire operation in his absence.. :P and what about the IIT 'Gestapo'.. wtf.. jo hoga dekha jaayega!

The result was one of the biggest undercover operations we managed to execute successfully during our time :D

So once our HOD left his office we got onto business.. we didn't have much time on hand.. things started falling in place once we started.. we got hold of some old panels of (super)^n seniors.. (all black n white photos :P) that perfectly fitted into the gap in the circle.. one of us got a sack of POP..then we put the POP around it to hold it in place.. what a novel idea! :)

We managed to seal all the gaps within an hour..

Now the dirty business.. keechad ke bina kya mazaa aayega.. he ha ha..

Meet the partners in crime.. fab ke fab kaminey faale ;)

Now our entire 'mehnat' was about to be tested.. would the POP n the sheets hold water? lets c..

mission accomplished!! of sustainability..bah! anyway we swore to compensate for the wastage by not taking bath for a month.. :P

We couldn't get the name tags etched from our laser machine due to some technical problems.. but that didn't deter us.. we got it done from outside.. didn't come for free ofcourse.. but no worries.. maal time pe pahuch gaya..

It turned out that the the etching wasn't so good.. so it would be difficult for our juniors to figure them out in the dark.. idea! we filled the engraving with permanent markers and cleaned the outside with thinner :)

In the meanwhile our missiles get ready.. :)

Meet our freshies! Most of them have no clue what all this is about except that they have to collect their tags.. the suspense is about to end..

Welcome to our koova(well).. have a taste of our nutritious home made keechad.. yuck.. :P

Saare log attension mein khade ho jao..

Rules are pretty simble.. Collect your name tags and don't come out till you find it.. mind it! Watch out for the balloons.. So the fun begins..

Reminded me of our own time :) nice shot surve..

The show goes on..

till the gestapo comes :( remember what I was talking about.. look at the agents merrily clicking the show.. won't go into details about the entire thing.. but it was enough for us to have DOSA for tiffin the next day.. :P

Hmm.. didn't end as we thought.. anyway.. ppl had fun n all were happy :)to bacchoon.. show khatam.. paisa hajam.. time to go home.. :)

Now we had to clear up all the mess we had made of the circle..hmm..but not before we had our share of fun.. getting dirty had never been so much fun.. nobody was spared.. :)

We did it! mission successful.. :P neat job guys..time for a break..

he he he..

so.. that was all about it.. next day we have the fresher's party... ;)

Loggin off for now..

Lazy Blogger


Milind VK said...

Great post!

Loved the breakfast bit :)

You people seriously did a mindBLASTING job of the freshers party...

Vaibhav Bakhshi said...

It was a hell lot of effort, but never had more fun for sure.

It certainly reminded me of our Days. I hope the juniors enjoyed it as much as we did, doing it all for them.

Shashank Khanna said...

this is goooooooDDDDDDD :D

maya said...

Great post!!

Keep posting!!! :)

juntaaa said...

sahi he bee.....:)

Mandar Sarnaik said...

Thank you Sanjay !

LAVA post hai !

Well documented and that too during P2 stage 1 preparations !

Really, those 2-3 days were so much fun !

pushkya said...

gr8 to see somethin still happening--- superb

bijuneYYan said...

Whoa! Sanju rox again!!!
This is yet another, superblaster!!!
and ya.. Milind is right.. that breakfast bit was hillarious!! ha ha ha!!.. being a mallu myself having a lot of memorable experience with DoSA (if you know what i mean) that bit just threw me out of my chair!! bravo!!!

Keep writing dude... this was one well documented well presented stuff... Don't worry if you flunk IDC, you'll be hired! :D

Dude, can't wait for the next posts now!!

keep us posted!


karthik said...

dude!! really well written.. Seems like a lot of work had gone into the prep! \m/\m/\m/ for the POP idea..... great stuff!

sanjay said...

thx guys.. this was really a batch effort dat made it possible.. was really fun.. and biju.. wow..dat's really generous.. m seriously considerin d proposition :) we'll talk abt it ;)

Saysanku said...

Awesome awesome
kyaan blog hen...
tuze toh journalism men honachahiye
u havent left anything to capture !
wat a time dat was !
great days awesome memories !

thnx Sanju !

:) said...
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:) said...

Killer! Love the POP sealing sunboard picture, what a task!
Keep blogging!

Ur said...

Oyee.. thats good one... after a long brk... keep posting if u hv some time..

prerak said...

Loving it out here :)