Sunday, February 07, 2010

Rajasthan Royals

This blog comes late as usual :) Couldn't resist to share these pics..
It was new year and some of us decided to take a good long break and travel to Jaisalmer a.k.a. The Golden City.. To put it briefly this place is known for its big fort, havelis and of course the desert.. for more details read up on wikipedia :P

Unlike Vidhu Vinod Chopra I start by giving the credits to right ppl for the right things :P.. Ajay for initiating and organizing this wonderful trip, pinku, vinny, dambo, mihir n shibu 4 the fotos :)
After a brief stopover at Amdavad we reached Jaisalmer on 29th morning.. Needless to say, everyone was happy seeing us..

This was the place where we stayed.. Vrinda Palace.. just in case any of u decides to go.. decent..

This was the first thing we saw before even the fort.. hahaaa..

The first day we just decided to loaf around in the markets and visit the havelis..Patwon ki haveli.. This was our motley crew.. Hum 7 7 hain.. bad PJ.. nyway..

I won't bore u with the photos but the interiors of the haveli were really grand.. Apparently it took around 66 years to build this chain of havelis... even Taj Mahal didn't take so much time!

We planned to visit fort the next day.U can see from the terrace how huge the fort is..

Time for a break..

We rested for some time at a cafe.. Before even we realized it was evening..

The fort looked all decked up in the night..

We had dinner at a place that resembled a mini haveli...and the weather was really killer..

Eating gulabjamun the Matrix gop..

Next day we went inside the fort.. the fort had a life of its own.. around 200o people inhabit this place.. so apart from the kings palace there were hotels, lots of small shops etc.. it was a shopping paradise for the girls..

And yes.. cows .. lots of them everywhere..but ppl over there didn't mind much i suppose..

This person played his instrument amazingly well.. the soothing music still echoes in my ear..

meet our chotu paa.. hee hee..

and the huff-puff girls..


We decided to spend the night of 31st at 'Choki Dhani', a village resort situated in midst of a desert.. some pics captured on the way..

This is the place..

We reached there bit early.. we spent our evening riding camels at Sam Dunes desert.. :)

Slowly the sun went down.. the last sunset of 2009.. goodbye 2009 :(

coincidentally there was a full moon on the 31st.. :)

By the time we returned the place was all lit up.. could not take many pics due to the low batt.. but the place had lots of folk performances and a grand dinner..

Shot on the way back.. without flash..

Next day was our last at Jaisalmer.. we went to a place called 'Akal'.. apparently the place where we stood on used to be a rainforest few years back.. (180 million years to be precise :P) there wasn't much over here.. but lots of scope for nautanki :P

We ditched Mihir at the last moment :D

This one is a tribute to Dipesh :P

Getting inspired to fly..


Thak gaye bachhe nautanki karke.. time to go back..

We had our last ride in the Titanic rickshaw.. :P

Hmm.. so that was about it.. our short and sweet trip came to an end..cudn't keep the post short though.. :)


Vaibhav Bakhshi said...

Whoaaa... Fantabulously awesome pics and world best narrative.

Sanjay, I suggest you ditch design and join full time writing dude.

I loved the pics. They are all beautiful.

prerak said...


Kumar Ahir said...

keep writing. we'll keep enjoying !

anindita said...

hey cool re maza agaya. khub bhalo khub bhalo :)

Vinish said...

awsumly dun... missin d place :(

bijuneYYan said...

KILLER! kick ass killer!!

Great guys! this is how it should be! The photographs were so amazing and the write up was so real that now I'm missing this golden city that I'd never been physically!

Once again!.. awesome!.. and keep it coming!


Harish said...

looser missed it :(

sanjay said...

4 slrs n around 4000 pics 2 choose 4m n editing them.. i like doing this :) ya bakshi, i srsly dont mind..

Vanya said...

Superb pics guys!

Milind VK said...

Brilliant, brilliant pictures!

Great blog too man.. totally loved it :)

Hash said...

simply beautiful.... !!!!

sURi said...

godly.... miss the fun!
yenjaayyy madi!


shadow said...

Beautiful man....
the pics..the words...u really took us there...

Mr. Cloud said...

awesome photographs!!!


Great pics frn,

I loved all these pics. Truly nice