Sunday, August 16, 2009

Awesome Mausam!

This is 'wone' trip worth tripping on! :) I'm sad for all the ppl who succumbed to the flu.. but as they say.. one man's meat is other man's poison.. :-|
It all started when the institute declared holidays on thu n fri on account of the swine flu.. we thought that this time must be used effectively :).. we got together and narrowed down on places where we could have fun over the weekend.. we would have gone to Bhandardhara but thanks to Rahul and Sagar we changed our plans and decided to go to this place called Dugarwadi near Nashik.. and what to say.. it was worth it!

So we booked a mini bus and decided to leave early morning.. ppl somehow dragged themselves up and reached at the gate.. some just wouldn't get up..we literally had to break open their rooms and pull them up ;) sleepy sleepy.. zzz..

But once inside the bus all were ecstasic and full on enthu for the trip.. this was our bus..

We stopped over for breakfast at a very sad place.. all just wanted to scoot out of that place.. We drove some distance and we realized that in our hurry we had left baby Vineetha behind! Aiyyoo! :D We then turned back and picked her up.. whoops! :)

Though many pics were taken inside the bus most turned out bad due to the shake.. some of the better pics that captured the mood..

And yes.. how can we forget about the jodi No.1 of IDC ;) IDC ne bana di jodeeeeee....he he..

Then we stopped over briefly at some arbit spot on the way.. Nashik.. here we come!

Then we stopped over for lunch.. Managed to capture some beautiful landscape behind the hotel..

hmm.. time for a group foto.. ishmyle pleej..

After the lunch we proceeded for the falls.. we got off from the bus at a point where we realized the road wouldn't take us further..

Welcome to Dugarwadi.. moooo!

The landscape on the way was simbly amazing! The weather was an icing on the cake! thats why I call this post 'Awesome Mausam'! Have a look at the pics we clicked on the way..

I feel relieved that there are still some places that are not commercialized.. and their natural beauty is still intact..but thumbs down to the poverty that surrounded this place.. :(

It was a long walk towards the falls.. Was almost about to drop till i saw our junta crowding around at this point..

I went ahead to see what the fuss was about.. whoa! this was one of the most beautiful sight.. suddenly all the tiredness and fatigue vanished in thin air!

'Tipsy' decided to get recharged here.. :P

After spending some time here we decided to trek downhill towards the fall.. It was a long way down and monsoon had made the walk more treacherous.. most of us didn't know about the trekking part.. ppl turned up in their bathroom slippers, heels n stuff like that... miraculously nothing untoward happened.. unfortunately Hrishi had a bad fall on the way down..ended up with a ligament tear :( apart from this things were fine..

Felt so happy when we the gushing sound of the stream became higher n higher.. Ah! water at last..

The place was unknown to us.. we had to take every step with caution..the current was quick enough to pull anyone into it.. we had to form human chains to take each of us to the other side.. :)

Time for a commercial break.. then we start again..

This was a really wonderful sight! The fall was so massive that we couldn't capture a complete picture of it..

Once we reached the bottom of the fall we forgot everything and became children again.. :)Watch as we get ready to take the holy dip..

Guess what we are trying to do here.. ;)

A big thanx to u guys once again!

All good things come to an end soon :( we reluctantly pulled up from the waters and trudged back to the place where we had started from..
Trivia time.. what do u call Ruchika posing at a spot like this?.. 'Ruchky On The Rocks!' :P

The climb up was tedious but the fact that we would be stopping over at Sula Wines next acted as a booster.. so we raced our way up to ensure we don't miss out on Sula!
Nice shots Sanket..

Some nautanki before we move out :)

And that's our gang...

Then we leave for Sula..we call it the Sula Temple ;)
The pics taken at Sula haven't come out that good.. call it the 'Wine Flu' effect :P.. nevertheless I'm posting them.. :)

Once thru with the wine party we proceeded for dinner..Sanket arranged for dinner at a place called Baba's Kinara or something(just in case any of u happen 2 go down to Nashik sometime) we had a sumptuous meal here.. hmm..
Then what.. We got back into the bus and started off for IDCeee... we were exhausted by the end of it.. but everyone was happy... reached by 4:30 a.m... crashed off then.. zzzz...

That was some day! Hope such trips keep happening often.. :)

Signing out for now,

The Lazy Blogger


bijuneYYan said...

Whoa!!.. I'm so bloody damn happy for you guys!!

Great trip to keep up the spirit of IDC! (hope you didn't finish the trip within the new 6~11 IDC schedule... duh!)

Awesome guys!!.. Well, you can imagine what I'd be feeling now; writing this comment sitting in my office chair! :) he he

Anyway.. wish if we could see some of the Freshers/intros too...

With the extra footage by the security paparazzis!! :P

anyway.. have fun.. yenjaaaay!!

Sanjay,!!!.. kudos bro!!.
Thanx for keeping this blog alive!! u da best!

and well written with hand picked photographs!.. awesome!!

IDC (always) ROX!!!


Shashank Khanna said...

balle balle oye...buuhhhhaaaaaaaa

shaswath said...

grt capturing of events dude... this will be in our memories ;)...

Vaibhav Bakhshi said...

Okay Okay... Yeah I agree I am jealous...Infact very jealous...

And Sanjay, you are the Best. I am happy to have lived the same fun as you guys would have had, from this Awesomely written blogpost.

I hope next time I don't have to rely on the second hand account of such events. I don't want to miss the fun anymore.

Kudos Dude...

Saurabh Tewari said...

Good Job Sanjay...

bijuneYYan said...

By the way,

Kudos to the new batch!!
you guys rock!..

It's great to see the new batch jumping right into the IDCLIFE with the seniors!.. This is indeed a great sign. Now get the beds back into the studios..

Our blog name is still "Lovin 'n Livin in IDC"

so live it...

... and submit your assignments on time ;P

yenjaaay!.. IDCROX!

sanjay said...

forgot to thank arnab n saurabh 4 the gr8 pics! :)

Harish said...

If I hav seen Sanju busy ...its always wit the blog...keep it up bro.. [:P]

karthik said...

Awesome stuff!
seems like the juniors hav kickstarted "idclife"

welcome to IDC!! :)

n gr8 work sanjay!

Saysanku said...

gr8 blog Sanjubaba...
very nicely detailed out.....n what a memory lifetime xperience !...

3 cheers to IDC !

kunal said...

very gud work sanju baba......i ll really cherish the moment...felt like i am in some kinda dream world....
Dear Juniors, do cooperate wid us like dis so dat we can make some more memorable trip in future....IDC ROCkzzzzzzz

pushkya said...

hey gud to see "idclife". i had imagined it dead by now like to join u guys for one such thing some day..

Milind VK said...

Wow, what a welcome surprise! To see a mail in the mailbox after so long a time that says 'Blog updated'..

Very nice blog.. looks like you guys had a really swell time!

divya said...

Hey...This is awesome guys...:)

Biju n Pushki, now I get what u ppl say as "Miss a thing" phobia :)

Great going guys...Kudos to all Sanju baba...keep it up!!!

& pics are really amazing!!!

juntaaa said...

good one junta....
juniors u r rocksssssssss.....
i miss IDC....

RapidSnail said...

Kickass !!!! Both the trip as well the blog.

\m/ IDC \m/

sanjay said...

thx all :)hope there'll b events apart from standard fare like onam, holi etc.. if anyone's readin this we can think of paintin up d wall which has been whitewashed off late..