Saturday, January 05, 2008



first of all a big sorry for not being 'able' to be there while cooking because of some 'technical' difficulties ;P I missed the eating part.. he he :)

So, because of this valid reason, I will not be able to write more about how the 'execution' part happened.. waise bhi, you guys are here to see the pics rite..:)

so this is how it happned:
It was Mr.Bajaj Pushkar's ultimate ambition to have a barbecue in IDC. We planned it last newyear.. but didn't happen.. and many more tries later.. but all in vain.

This time.. as it usually happens in IDC, all of a sudden it just happened!! Of course it was Bajaj Pushkar who was the driving force.

When i came to IDC in the evening, Manoj was already in the Metal Studio, about to start making the Grill to cook! Me joined.

This is one of the best things about IDC. it's our home. We ran around, finding old metal sheets and scrap; giving shape to it in our Metal and wood studios!

and at last, what we had was this :P

We went up to the VCPD classroom once the grill was ready and look!
All our friends were crying!!!! literally

And some of them busy making the vegetables.

And at last on the Descafe terrace... the fun began!

Ya, I missed the last part..
but he he.. heard that the chicken tasted soooo good :D he he ho ho lol :)

But still.. I do respect Pushkar's philosophy..
NEVER CRIB ABOUT YOUR FOOD. Come on, it's food!

If we keep silence instead of cribbing... may be that's a better prayer!!


aatish said...

hmmm missed it yaar .........

shadow said...

not to miss manoj pushki n hemi who bought all stuff.....n yeah me n karthi for the Rum....n of course , GOOD OIL!!!!!-it did turn out to be the icing on the PJs expected in case thhis gives u ideas :P...

shadow said...

oops...shadow is juny btw....n its Karthik*

pushkya said...

and not to miss all the people who turned up on the terrace...without ppl wots the barbecue...spl mention for two ppl ratika and biju...ratika travelled a long way from airoli at 11.00 pp.m to be a part of it and biju tarvelled 1.5 km back to h7 due to technical reasons....biju u ass!

neYYan said...


he he..

And I admit .. I'm an ass!
and you kicked the ass of an ass!!