Monday, January 14, 2008


It was Friday when we made plans to go to Alibag. We arrived at a consensus to leave early the next morning, and as per plan, we started sharp at 2:45PM. The fun started almost immediately as we cared a damn about people around and started showing CR7 skills right in front of the ticket counter at the Kanjurmarg station.

We reached Gateway by around 4:30. Ujjwal joined us a half hour later as doctors apparently found 2 mobile phones inside his left ear and had trouble removing them.

We took a ferry, did timepass for an hour, and there we were in Madhwa.

Madhwa in the background

From there we set out to Kihim hoping to find accommodation. It had already become dark and it would have been disastrous we didn't get a place to stay for the night.
We checked out a room right opposite the Kihim beach.

After realizing that the aroma emanating from the room was slightly better than highly decomposed sewage, we ditched it. Pushkar,Ujji and Kavita set out to find better rooms.
Meanwhile, Hashim and varun headed to the beach all excited , but returned disappointed!

"Abbey!.. we found the beach!.. magar Paani nai hai!!!"

Hashim sounded funny when he said this,but we believed it only after walking all the way into the sea bed, clad with rocks. It was a good ten minute walk to the sea!!

After a while, Pushkar called us saying he had found a place.

We walked in the dark and found him under a thing that barely qualified as a tent, and he said

"This is it!, the guy said he'll lay mattresses on the ground and barbed wire around it to keep animals away. and mosquito repellents can be arranged.... Rs.30/- Only!! and oh.. the bathrooms are behind "

in a very matter-of-factly way pointing seawards while saying the bathroom part..

Biju and Palash actually went behind to find this non-existent toilet!!

I had serious difficulty digesting every word he said, gaping wide as though it would help the digestion process. He consoled me saying the valuables could be kept in a small room and locked. Ketki gave a very similar reaction and the rest accepted the idea with a hint of hesitation. Juny and palash still thought he was kidding. Disappointed, we headed to the room to dump our stuff, and to our awe, we found this..

Palash became the bathroom door as the room did not have any!

Room was great.. we were changing ,
and a certain someone decided to do THIS for no apparent reason... :P

After that, we gathered together and got into the beach. It was around 9 and we came back to have dinner. In the waiting time, we gathered around the table and had a healthy discussion on rocket science ( read gossiping).
It was an amazing laughter-packed experience where everything about everyone came to light.

And then we had an awesome awesome Konkan home made food, and went back into the beach around 11pm.

We walked for almost 20-30 mins, reached the end of beach which had no civilization whatsoever and settled there. We did a lot more detailed research on rocket science there. :P

After 1AM we were driven away by policemen!
It's just 1:00 am(1AM by IDC standards, is late evening) and they say it's too late to be in the beach.

On our way back to the room Biju, Hemi and I came up with an ultimate theory about half fry /full fry eggs that shall not be revealed in the blog due to patenting reasons. We got back to the room.

It was bed time then since we had to get up early in the morning to head to another beach. Ujju got hyper and tried to 'gusalify' into an already-packed bed and was obviously kicked out - very badly.!

Just as we were about to sleep, Biju stretched and said "ammey"( meaning mother) in a very 'characteristic' tone which made an already homophobic AMEY Dhuri feel extremely uncomfortable! We all burst out laughing uncontrollably!!! :D
We slept by 3:30AM after all the laughing and innocent moaning of "ammey" subsided.

Few started waking us up by 6 and this is what they got

We got out by 8:30, had breakfast and reached Agshi beach.

Dhuri identified this as dinosaur D***O

we got into the water, and ones who hesitated to come in were dragged and immersed into it.

Then we played football on the beach, while ketki, kavita and Vinay
were busy building sand castles.

The winning team sans Manoj

We eating ice gola after an exhausting game

then we had a filling lunch, and later we took a ferry back to Gateway...

yet another awesome trip!
Yet another weekend with no work done whatsoever!! :P
IDC Rulezzzzz!


neYYan said...

Thanx a lot Kartik!
great job!

IDC really ROX!

juny said...

awesome one man...
the trip relived...just missed the awesome message tht advices us to shut up n go to sleep for the sake of ppl who rented us their home....

Milind VK said...

Hey nice work man. I almost feel as if I really was there on the trip:)

And if you gonna call that rocket science, i guess IDC has got enough rocket scientists to make NASA beg at our feet.;)

pushkya said...

one of the best trips idc has seen! kartik - a nice job done writing it out...and juny with all the straightness in me intact; i proclaim u the cutest guy around....shouting Yz YZ around on konkan roads at midnight - only u cud manage it.
IDC rocks....and next big thing due is the paragliding...

parththefirst said...

Great post Kartik! Carry on...and IDC rox man..missing u guys!

manoj said...

Really nice work...Karthik...Make one for pongal also...

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