Thursday, November 23, 2006


Hmm.. it’s exam season in IIT. Everyone’s having exams. The canteens are alive 24/7…. The mess hall is always filled with groups of students preparing for the end semester examinations.

But yea, that’s the case in IIT. What about IDC?? Well, it’s a bit different…

Hmm.. to be specific; a lot different.

Since we’re in IIT, we have to have exams… Just a semester end presentation or semester end Jury won’t do. It’s the IIT norm. What to do!!

Well, so even we had exams… nice ones.

A quote from the question paper:

“Note: Class-notes, books, any relevant material is allowed in the exam room. Students are allowed to use computers during the exam.”

He hey.. how about that?

Well, it was fun to write these exams with music playing in the background,

Sipping a steaming cup of Tea, walkin around and crackin’ jokes..

Well, that’s it.

afterall, it's an IIT semester end exam... hmm..


And once again, thank god, for letting us for such nice experiences..

And it’s your grace that helped us to make it all the way up to IDC.


simron said...

hi. biju,.... its awsome.. intresting... so as u all all the best for examssssssssss........ :-)

Anonymous said...

hey guys i am interested in joining the bdes+mdes course at iit bombay. can you help me in cleaaring the uceed exam if you can and let me know the details of this course.