Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Livin'it out!

Well, it had been a long time since I wrote something about what’s happening in IDC. I hope this is one of the most happening places, after all, as IITians we had some thing or the other in hand..... always.

Hmm… Since I took a loooong time to update ‘myself’ with what all things happened in the IDC life, I’ll do a quick review of what ever went through our life out here.

Manavli trek

Well, let me tell you this in the first place. “I missed this trip”. Because of some “academic” difficulties some of us couldn’t make it. But anyway, heard that the trip was awesome and thought I’ll share some of the pics. And yeah, you can expect a blog about this particular trip soon.. some body who was lucky enough to be there at that particular day will write about it. ..juz wait…

You see, This is ma favorite climate.. the cloudy atmosphere when the sky really comes down to give you more intimate feelings. Diffused light all over and orange sunrays falling over you from the side.. it must’ve been the best atmosphere ever

And yeah, what can be better than seeing a ‘double’ rainbow!, that too reflected in a lake to give you that magnificent view of the colored circle. See I can feel it from here. And yea now I feel sad that I missed something really great.


Well, Usually I don’t write the “academic” stuff here. But still this is not just academic, this is all about meeting new people and sharing thoughts. There was a three day workshop in IDC (because of which I missed the “Manavli trek” L) in various domains. I chose Interaction design (don’t worry about that.. I’m NOT talking about ‘acads’) There were around 10 students from NID, (National Institute of design,Ahmedabad) and it was a nice experience to be in that workshop, sharing thoughts, working together and thinking about it deeply. I don’t call it awesome or wonderful. But it was something really important in itself I believe.


Well, again it’s time to enjoy!!

It was InSync’s (IIT’s Dance club) birthday celebrations and they had arranged a “Rock n Roll” couple dance workshop. It was raining lightly and the atmosphere was cloudy. The workshop started at around 9pm and a group of 6 IDCians were there to Rock n Roll! Well, yea I wonder why at this particular day it became very less in number, since usually we have a big flock of IDCians to enjoy. Last time when we had the “tango” workshop, things were different.

But all that I wanted to say now is that, those who couldn’t make it to the Open air theater.. for this particular event; really missed it!

The Insync guys n gals who were teaching us were doing a wonderful job. Axually they might’ve enjoyed it to teach such an ‘enthu’ group from IDC. Hee hee.

It was uplifting to dance to the fast Rock n Roll music. Sorry, I don’t think I can express the same spirit in words here.

-the rain dance:

We stopped the practice sessions at around 11.45pm and the birthday bash was about to start. Donnow how but Exactly at midnight when wer were about to start the Birthday dance, it rained!!

It rained so heavily that I’d never experienced such a heavy rain here in IIT. It seemed like a hidden contract between the Insync guys and the mother nature that it should rain exactly at midnight!! Everybody ran into the rain and wow! That was an wmazing experience ever!!

The music was pumping and the strobe lights were in action. The water droplets freezed in time with the strobe lights, looked like diamonds falling from the heavens! I’m not joking it was such a wonderful experience that I cannot express here thru words. Again, sitting in the OAT gallery when water was flowing like river thrugh the seats and watching the Special Performance by the Insync dance team was nothing but marvelous.

>>Might upload pics.. wait…<<

One more trek

It’s within the IIT campus and doesn’t require any preplans. The only that we have to have is time. Well, on that particular day, we were lucky enough to make some time to go all the way up and enjoy it together!

Although most of us had been there before on top of that hill, this particular day was different since this was a Huge group of most of the IDCians from our batch.

And yea another thing will be when we returned, it was too late to climb down and it was almost dark. But yea, as you can guess, it was a different experience afterall..

Ok.. now, let me remind myself .. About GOD, the almighty..

Who gives us all this fortune

of having opportunities.. and joys out of it..

Thank god!

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