Sunday, March 15, 2009

Holeee Ayeeee..!!!

hello junta.. the lazy blogger is back again to torture you.. :)

ab tak to idc ke holi sirf photos aur blog mein dekhe the.. ab khel bhi liye.. needless to say.. badaa mazaa aaya!

This time however we didn't have the water holi+bonfire before the actual holi..junta bahut biji ho rahi hai aajkal.. wtf! anyways.. no more senti.. lets get back to bijnez.. :)

This is how it all started.. our senior junta getting ready for the kill outside H-11.. Meanwhile the organizers (shanky,mandy, sanku, gajju n rest) were busy at IDC arranging bhang, sweets, gulaal n ofcourse the keechad!

All enthu for another fun filled holi-day! Though initially less in numbers, our count increased gradually..

There was some confusion about what we should do first.. meet the profs or play holi at IDC and then go..after some khich-khich we decided we'll wish our dearest profs first..ahem.. :)

In true IDC style, nobody was spared... atleast jisko pakad liya usko to bilkul hi nahi! watch what happens as Ka.Sa. tries to sneak out of IDC.. he he..

Then like the usual ritual we march on to our profs homes..Ho gayi tayyaar.. hamaari army..

This time was no different.. we were treated with sweets n other goodies at each place.. yummy!


G G Ray,



Chalo bhai.. ab holi khelne ki khujli peak ho gayi thi.. so we decided to meet the rest of the profs after getting soaked in keechad.. so back to IDC..

are.. ye kya.. when we got back here there was some tension in the air as the organizers were not aware of our plans to meet the profs first.. thoda khich-khich hua.. then we hugged n made up.. ahem.. asli mein nahi!

picture chalu hone se pehle credits for guest appearance.. dunno where they disappeared while we played in keechad.. :(

so..we started by applying the harmless gulaal (not parmar wala!) on each other.. once that was done.. dragged every creature on two legs into the nutritious keechad prepared by shanky n gang.. fresh king sized earthworms.. say it.. u'll find them all inside.. guys had to go through the kapda faad ritual.. :D

Next up was the parmar espeshal quality gulaal which left most of the junta look like members of the Vanar-Sena Party!

Now this combo of keechad n gulaal left many ppl beyond recognition.. Our nominations for 'paichan kon..'

The winner.. :P

No six or eight packs, we believe in having single family pack.. judge the best one for urself..:)

Our kapda faad candidates..

and the winner is..gajju d slumdog phatichar!

After all the keechad and kapda faad, time to relax.... We had made bucket full of bhang..but unfortunately it didn't give us the kick we wanted..

So in shanky style.. it was put to best use.. "ye tu hi le b***c**d!"

Then there were some candid moments.. our khoofiya camera managed to capture it.. ;)
Warning: Adult content! :o

Finally there was the photo-shoto moment.. something that'll make this holi memorable..

Finally IDC ishtyle.. Happy Holi to all..

After this we went to meet some of the other profs we'd missed out on.. Managed to meet only Sreeku... but wasn't captured as our cameraman disappeared.. :(

Photo courtesy: Hamara Venkat a.k.a. The Machha! u rock man..

Thats it for now junta.. signing out..


Shashank Khanna said...

Hey...badiya hai :D

manoj said...

nice to c the blog back in life....keep livin n lovin @ IDC...missing those days...

Kumar Ahir said...

finally !!!!
tht's great going holi ... as usual

Vaibhav Bakhshi said...

Heheheheh...Good one man...

I feel bad not to have been able to be a part of it. None of you were easily recognizable anyways. So, the best part is that nobody would ever doubt if I say I was also there ;-p

Next time I'll definitely make a point not to miss all this fun.

IDC Loves and lives...

Vaibhav Bakhshi said...

And not to forget, I lou the song sequences... Heheheheh... Thank God I was not there. Otherwise you wouldn't have spared me as well.

Arun yashwant said...

Hey guys ...that was some true IDC Holli...foto dekh ke hi maza aa rahi hai...especially Slumdog fatichar!!! haha :P.... i wonder hw the bhang tasted like ..cudnt get a chance last yr :(!!!

neYYan said...

:) whoa!!!
so happy to see the blog alive!!!!!

and mainly... so happy to see IDC alive!!

juntaaaaaa!!!! this is the way it is... this is the way it should be...

make sure that you don't lose your precious two years in IDC :P


Still Lovin' n' Livin' in IDC :P

HashbasH said...

wah waaaah waaaaaaaaah.....

after reading all this i just felt the taste of mud in my mouth... kya blogging hai bhai..

sanjay said...

thx hash :)

G.V.Sreekumar said...

wonderful blog! i will send the pics i took when the idc gang visited my home.
there were only 10 of them and i had kept sweets for all of you.
then we enjoyed the overdose of sweets!!!
keep it up!

neYYan said...


awesome man, i read the blog again with the videos that i missed last time!! great dude! happy that you keep up the spirit of this blog
keep going great! yenjaaaay!!

sanjay said...

thx biju,sreeku sir

p.s.: sorry didn't include ur fotos.. din have it at that time..