Sunday, August 19, 2007


And here comes the Farewell party!

Sad in some sense.. our fundoo seniors are saying G’bye!!!

So what !!! They made this event ROCKING!!!

Yet again, let the pics speak better!!

to be sincere to the IDC heritage, this one also started with an "Intro session" ;P session of the Juniors!.. he he

And then.. our heartfelt bye bye.. with gifts made with our hearts.. !

Chaaru, recieving the medal of honour; the Bull Extraction!

Sarbu with the "Blue" CD :) {hey, is he from pondicherry?}

Rupesh, the Bamboo man!

Makkad man Nikhil: "F***k, who's the new PG secy?"

Under 28kg Champion Eddie! with that HEAVY dumbbell!

Uttu, .. listen carefully.. dondeesturb!

Fatee... the Shakira of IDC!.. whoo hoo!

Sweta the one and only CS-WOMAN!!

Anand with that Hitch-cock ;) cassette!

Sachin will take a bath today (hopefully!)

Takloo Harsh ... .. hee hee.. go ahead and comb your hair!

Dipu, "Hashwuim" is all yours!!

God giri Hemant in an H12 mood, after effeccts of CS!!

mmmhhhhmm...!!. Punam Paramam Dhyeyam!

Siames eBarkha n Prarthna! we really tried hard to separate .. alas!..

Atul, Hindi me Pee and English me pee!!.. hogaya kaam!

And.. at the end.. Ratika, the coordinator is presented with the gem of her luv.. Keeku!! :P he he!


Ya ya.. things were going pretty well....
Manish's Birthday... Bums to Shaid! ( he he!)

goes on and on.....

and yea
Of course.. now it's Paaarty time!!

Whoo hooo!..

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